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1st ride of CA MTB month & so much more

Yesterday was the first day of California Mountain Bike Month. What better reason to celebrate?! The day started with what we are sure was the first ride commemerating the event. We headed out from Troy Lee Designs with groups led by Rampage athletes Jaxson Riddle and Kyle Strait and coaches from the Laguna Canyon Riders.

And while we rode, another contingent led by Laguna Canyon Foundation with a full group from Linked Cycling worked on two favorite trails, Meadows and Mentally Sensitive. After it was taco lunch and swapping stories about being in and working on the dirt.

Then the evening fun began, we all convened at the iconic Rivian South Coast Theater across the street from beautiful main beach in Laguna. Rampage veteran Richie Schley was emcee for the evening, he introduced your's truly for a quick thank you and an ask to join our "trail movement". Antonio from Laguna Canyon Foundation then discussed their upcoming Ales & Trails fundraiser. Kurt reminded everyone tickets are open for the 17th annual Good Dirt Ride. And Blair of Laguna Canyon Riders introduced the planned Laguna Bike Festival.

And it was "showtime" for our full house. Thank you to Enich at the Coast Film Festival for arranging a screening of The Ritual Film Tour, an absolute immersion into the MTB passion with lots of inspiring story lines and amazing videography.

And to top the night off, Richie then moderated a discussion with Jaxson and Kyle (both were featured in the films). Three generations of Rampage athletes sharing tales about the event, their experiences and plans for the future - we even learned that Strait Acres is coming to the OC with a collaboration at Over the Hump later this year!

We truly have an unparalleled MTB Community. Pros, influencers, industry, local government - they were all there together celebrating June 1 because mountain bike is integral to the fabric and the future of Laguna Beach and Orange County. That, my friends, is always cause for celebration!


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