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Cyclists in the Mountains

What OCMTBA is all about

Mission: To Protect & Expand Trail Access in Orange County, CA

Orange County Mountain Bike Association (OCMTBA)

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Our Story

Two IMBA local partners combined to become more effective MTB Advocates

It started with separate organizations. Share MTB was a long standing IMBA partner, focused on trail maintenance and events in Orange County, California since 1988. OCMTBA, founded in 2020, was a new coalition under the IMBA Local Program, focused on trail advocacy to protect and expand local trails.

Both entities were focused on the “contribution” side of being a trail organization and IMBA Chapter. They focused on giving back to the community by stewarding trails and providing great trail experiences for everyone. Share MTB was the backbone of trail work in our outdoor spaces and had supplied nearly fifteen thousand bells for trail safety. OCMTBA supported trail protection & expansion programs through government outreach and various strategies that promote positive coexistence with other user groups. Our merge, in late 2022, came after a mutual agreement to join forces and build our power through larger numbers of people with a common voice. Simply put, we had too many people passing out bells and repairing trails, and not enough folks asking for more trails. Eliminating redundancy will provide us the bandwidth for advocacy. This is where the new Orange County Mountain Bike Association was born. We are beyond stoked to combine the two chapters with a strong foundation and history of contribution, but we want to do so much more. Now we can direct our larger strength not just to support mountain biking but also to advocate for MTB. Our focus is now to protect and expand trail access in Southern California. We’ve got lots going on and Orange County mountain bikers have a big part to play in what we do. We continue with our trail work and etiquette contributions. We are improving our reach and communications by building a single database of the entire Orange County ridership. We are building a knowledgebase of the various trail systems and the prevailing land management agreements that define them. Strength will come from combining within Orange County, but also being strongly tied at the state level via CAMTB, and nationally with our friends at IMBA. We’re aiming to make better political connections reaching out to the Orange County Supervisor run-off candidates for their support on expansion to support outdoor activities. If you are reading this, you know rolling on two wheels in the great outdoors is one of the best experiences anyone can have. It gets better when you do it with friends and the confidence that you all came together to protect access to the trail systems we enjoy. OCMTBA is honored to have a little to do with this, to keep and grow mountain bike access and to connect the amazing people we call our MTB friends. We can’t wait to share with you what comes next. We’re thrilled to know we’ll be greeting you on our amazing trails as co-conspirators in making MTB the amazing thing it has become for Orange County, California! If you live in Orange County, subscribe to our updates below , follow us on Instagram or Facebook and consider a membership when you are ready!

Our Affiliations



OCMTBA, as the IMBA Regional Chapter for Orange County, convenes local MTB clubs and riders to unify our communication on trail etiquette, access, and expansion topics. Partnering with IMBA ensures this dialogue reaches all the way to the national policy maker and government levels.


OCMTBA is thrilled to also be a member of CAMTB.  The California Mountain Biking Coalition satisfies the need for a state-wide voice for mountain bikers in California and exists so that we are heard by state-level policy makers, legislators, and government agencies.

Your OCMTBA Board

The 2023/2024 Executive Board

Meet your Advisory Council

We are fortunate to have the valued insight of industry, influencer and other trail use group representatives guiding the actions of our managing board.


Industry Partners & Riding Clubs

Our community of mtb industry manufacturers, retailers and

organized riding groups.

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