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Red Rocks is open

...and this place rocks. Fifteen hundred acres, access added to six trails/four fire roads, for an approximately twelve mile loop system, and a two hundred and fifty person capacity. Welcome to the third and largest yet OC Parks Wilderness Space opening in just a year.

This morning Supervisor Don Wagner and OC Parks Director Pam Passow cut the ribbon to the largest yet of the 2014 grant properties in the Irvine Ranch Open Space, Red Rocks Wilderness. Attendees were able to explore the trails and get a sample of what is sure to make every outdoor enthusiast excited!

Some of us will know RR Trail 1 from our time at Over the Hump, that nice singletrack is just the beginning of the options now available to all users. I was able to climb RR Trail 2, come down Trail 1, go back up Trail 3, stop on Trail 4 to check out the namesake of this space - the red rocks...

...then down Trail 4 (rated difficult for elevation) over and up Trail 5...and that's just one of many routes you could select in the Red Rocks section. And here's the best part, OC Parks has segmented the Loma Ridge section, formerly of Limestone, to pair with this new opening giving us a significant twelve miles or so of trails if you are really looking for a robust ride.

We'd like to express our gratitude to OC Parks and Irvine Ranch Conservancy for their efforts in opening this amazing part of our precious remaining wilderness for everyone to enjoy. It doesn't happen without their support! Much gratitude to Justin, John, Ev, Nick and Gray (as well as Kevin, James, Mike and Pam).

You'll have your first opportunity to check it out this weekend. Sign up while there is space available, you're going to have a great day:


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