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Our community, our tribe

Today marked the culmination of a series of recent events that affirmed the strength of the Orange County MTB community.

In the past days we have seen one of the longer standing clubs, Linked Cycling, unite to honor the passing of their founder Ryan Damato, to talk about how he used the bike as a tool to connect and so much more.

We experienced the A1 ride, a decade and a half long tradition sponsored by RocknRoad Cyclery, letting everyone share the trail with MX pros and smiles with our friends.

Last night we joined happy hour with Ramblas San Juan MTB Trails, a grass roots group that that has embraced maintenance of their trail systems for all to enjoy.

And today marked the onset of the Over the Hump Winter Series, the original Orange County MTB community event, and watched Mr. Wenger and crew do their magic.

Our tribe is awesome. We ride together and so much more. Sharing our faith, partnering with industry as one of us, working together on our beloved trails and making a "race" event a big party.

Orange County MTB is our family and we wouldn't trade it for anything. Being at the OTH venue today, seeing all those old friends, and sharing hugs and happiness reminds us of why we do what we do - passion for MTB, commitment to our special place in So Cal and most of all love of our community, our tribe.


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