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OC Trails Update : August 2021

Our MTB Club Council members met this week. Here's the latest news on what we've been doing during our first 1 1/2 years as your local mtb trail advocate.

Government Relationship Development

Nothing sustainable gets done without a rubber stamp. Our connections to relevant government, land management and sister use entities (hikers, equestrian riders, nature lovers) has developed substantially as well as our promotion of the mountain biking community as good trail stewards. These efforts will position us to advocate in protection and expansion of trails access in OC.

Trail Etiquette Programs

We've introduced and many riders have participated in our trail etiquette programs designed to demonstrate to local authorities that mtb riders are responsible trail users.

- "fresh tracks" online survey continues to garner participation from existing riders

- "show the way" new rider orientation via retail stores is being launched right now

- class1 eBike registration program drafted and recommended to Orange County Parks (OCP) to pave the path to approved access

- trails liaison program implemented with Orange County Parks to communicate proactively with the mtb community

- trails ambassador program being deployed to greet riders with bells at the trail heads and orient them to the park

- "we can get along" social media video content in process across user groups, including mtb, hikers, nature lovers and equestrian riders

Trail News

- Trail Pilot Program - we have been actively participating in and supporting the OCP Trails Pilot as good co-existence across trail user groups

- OC MTB Trail Map - we are building an MTB centric OC wide mtb trails map

Trail Mileage Expansion

Finally, it is our hope, we become more active in the bigger project of increasing trail mileage across OC. There are many routes to this outcome, which include re-visits of the OCP Resource Management Plans, opening of presently closed spaces such as Bommer and Limestone Canyons and acquisition of additional lands dedicated to mountain bike use via private, state and federal grant funds. Key members of our community are taking on leadership roles to tackle each of these avenues.

In closing, at the core OCMTBA is about unifying our collective voice. The more we represent, the stronger our vote - so please encourage others to join and participate!

With gratitude for your support,



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