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New MTB Trails at Gypsum

Can you feel the love! Today was the first day of public access to OC Parks latest opening, Gypsum Canyon, and guess who got to experience it first? That's right, us mountain bikers!

What an awesome place. We rode six miles of newly built trails that have been placed beautifully through this open space. Healthy climbs, fun downhills with quick switchbacks, exposure and incredible views all around the county. And the routing allows repeats and direction changes if you want more.

It's a pristine space rare for us locally, in the right areas you can't even see the signs of civilization. We encountered wildlife like hawks and deer and rare natural landscapes a short drive from home.

Thanks go to Rangers Grey and Nick for leading our crew today, and for all the work they and all of OC Parks has put in to developing this property for everyone's enjoyment. Get out there and check it out, you're going to love it too!


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