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What's an eBike?

There's been lots of press as of late, and a few updates to the rules and regulations regarding eBikes on trails in Orange County.

So what do we consider an eBike? See following reference, for the mountain biking community class 1 pedal assist is the category we might use.

State of California recently issued a clarification. They have stated class 1 pedal assist are "ok" at State Recreation Areas (SRA), but not presently allowed at State Parks.

Orange County Parks does not allow any class.

So what's the net? To our ridership, an eBike is a class 1 pedal assist. Class 2 and 3, throttled bikes, electric motorcycles....are not an eBike and we should not be painted with their "brush". Understand the categories and read the press carefully. And thanks for always being safe and respectful out there.


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