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Take a Kid (mountain bike) Riding

Today was a pretty good day if you were a mountain biking kid in Orange County, it was an even better day if you were an OCMTBA volunteer hosting our Take a Kid Riding event.

With nearly 100 registered, everyone was clearly excited to share our passion for all things MTB. We started the day with donuts and warm up laps. Ranger Greg then came in and gave everyone a safety presentation.

From there it was time to build our skills on the ramp track, we had two levels running and watched every rider progress through the courses like true champs!

After some practice on the track it was time to hit the trails. We had several groups doing everything from riding up Twisted Tire to crossing streams with some pretty good water flow. Everyone did amazing, the kids clearly had been bit by the MTB bug!

With appetites built from all the fun, it was time to head back to camp for burgers and hot dogs prepared by chef Manny and sponsored kindly by Mr. Rory. And then we had a special guest come in to talk about interaction with other trail uses - that's right, on his horse!

The kids of our community had fun, the grins were plentiful. And the volunteers of OCMTBA had our hearts warmed from sharing our passion with the next generation. We protect our trails not just for our enjoyment, but for future members....and we saw a few of them develop today.

Thank you to OC Parks for providing the venue and to the multitude of OC community riders that shared their sport with this crew, it takes a village and our's really is pretty special.

Take a kid riding, it'll bring a smile to your face and a satisfaction to your spirit sharing what we love!


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