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March Newsletter

What we’ve been doing

The Latest 

Since our last newsletter we have had many opportunities to be reminded of the awesome Orange County MTB community.  In December The Path held their annual Christmas light tour starting at their new shop. RocknRoad held the A1 ride in January.  We were reminded of the impact we can all make with the Linked Cycling Ryan Damato memorial.  And Visit Laguna Aired the Radical Orgins/Trails Unbound in February ...These are just a few examples of the amazing events and gathering that we were honored to participate in, and which served as strong reminders of the heart and soul of our ridership.

Public Meeting

Once a quarter we open our executive management meetings to the public.  This is a great opportunity to offer suggestions, ask questions and learn how you can become a part of our collective effort.  Join us Monday March 4 at 6:30P ‪We will look forward to seeing you there!

Video call link: dial: ‪(US) +1 475-441-8381‬ PIN: ‪759 721 587‬#

The Dirt

  • The Warriors Society  held 8 trail work events and completed brushing of Trabuco and West Horsethief trails - see feature article above

  • The Santiago Oaks Crew, Todd, Len, David and Jon had an event here in November

  • OCMTBA participated in 2 Laguna Canyon Foundation trail events on Mentally Sensitive and Laguna Ridge/TnA in January.

  • OCMTBA, the Foothill Knights HS and MS tram and the Santiago Oaks crew did a trail work event in Santiago Oaks in January.

  • The Las Ramblas crew did drainage work in San Juan Capistrano in February

Trail Work with Good Dirt Ride, OCMTBA and Girlz Gone Riding OC Chapter

OCMTBA Executive Director, Good Dirt Kurt Wiemann  and OCMTBA Secretary and GGR OC member Lorie Still sponsored a trail work event for GGR at O’Neill park in February. They successfully cleaned drains and brushed the entire Vista Trail along with OC Parks staff. The same crew came out last October and cleaned the entire trail then also.

Rapid Reaction Trail Work

OCMTBA, OC Parks and Laguna Canyon Foundation are working on a Rapid Reaction trail work process. OCMTBA will bring some people out before rain storms to do some preemptive dirt work on drains, and get back again in after the storm to repair any damage.

Orange County MTB Trail Heroes Quarterly Social Mixer

A quarterly gathering with trail fixers, diggers and riders for some casual conversation about biking, trail work and more.

The goal is keep this most important part of our community connected.  Pictures are from latest mixer in December.

The Partners

  • Our retailer program continues with the latest participant being REI

  • Our Advisory Council recently met, enjoying continued great feedback from folks like CrankBrothers and latest member Pure Ride

  • We're excited to share that Rivian has joined as a partner and will be supporting us in events in April and forward

Gift Card Giveaway for trail work events

OCMTBA is giving away a gift card for attending trail work events and RSVPing though our Facebook page. Attendees put their name in a hat, and a name is pulled, and the winner gets a gift card. Names are also entered for a season end prize, every event attended gives a chance, the more you attend, the more opportunities you have for the drawing in June.

A big thanks to Rock N Road Cyclery and REI Laguna Hills for donating gift cards for this program.

The Trails

  • We're tracking on ten pump track/MTB skills park project in various stages of progress with a goal to have several break ground yet this year

  • We're expecting news re the 3rd Irvine Open Space park opening by mid 2024 and will be announcing an OCMTBA event in these spaces near term

  • We just got word that our request for the re-opening of Dripping Cave trail in Aliso Wood Canyon is approved!

Volunteers needed to maintain Mark's Bench

On 1/8/2004 a mountain lion attacked and killed Mark Reynolds while he was riding in Whiting Ranch, his body was found shortly after the cougar attacked two other women who both survived.

Later that year, the mountain bike community dedicated a bench to Mark's memory at the top of Dreaded Hill in Whiting Ranch, this bench was there until 2018. A new bench was placed in 2021 by thinkMTB, near the kiosk at fourcorners. 

OCMTBA is hoping to take over the maintenance of Mark's bench. We are looking for volunteers to help out, We wil be doing some basic wood refinishing and wil provide all tools and materials.

Please email Jim Foley at if you are interested in helping out. We will schedule the event once we have a few volunteers.


Equestrian Outreach

One of our advisory Council members, Holly Gatehouse Jarvis, is an equestrian in Orange County, and was gracious enough to put this post on one of the big OC Equestrian Facebook Groups.

"I attended an Orange County Mountain Bike Association meeting as an equestrian advisor and would like to share a perspective on their association. I understand that many equestrians have a dislike of sharing the trails due to some less than desirable interactions.  However, I think it is important for us to understand the impact that their association is making on the available trails in Orange County. They spend a considerable amount of time working and lobbying for more open space and trails. I mean, a really concerted effort. They hold trail work days in many of our parks and areas where we share the trails. There is not enough county staff to maintain these trails and the mountain bikers do their part. They hold events and have had equestrians there to demonstrate how to interact when on trails. They are a significant presence in getting new open spaces secured. Many of the bikers at the meeting had not come across equestrians and were happy to be educated on how best to approach horses when riding. I think we can all do our part to be ambassadors for our sport. Although our sports differ and we cross paths, sometimes not happily, it is important to remember that trail access and open space is vital to our trail riding desires and having another sport with a goal to have trail access does not always detract from our goals. Before everyone jumps on me, I would obviously prefer designated trails for horses, but we aren't all out there fighting every day for new open space and they are, so I will appreciate what they do, that in turn also benefits us. Just some food for thought."

We know you all agree, we do this best when we do it together!

Warriors Society - Trabuco and West Horsethief Trail brushing and Rehab Completion

A big big shout out to our sibling organization, The Warriors Society who have been maintaining trails in the Cleveland National Forest since 1997

The Warriors Society sponsor a ride event with two levels every year to raise funds for their trail work efforts in the Cleveland National Forest, Vision Quest and Counting Coup.

Last year they successfully brushed the Holy Jim trail, allowing it to be fully reopened to the Main Divide Road from Trabuco Cyn.

This year, they have recently completed another and much bigger project.

Two trails, Trabuco Trail and West Horsethief Trail that go from Trabuco Canyon, near the Holy Jim Trail, and up to the main divide on the spine of the Santa Ana mountains, road, have been brushed (weeds, bushes and trees removed from the trail).

These have been unmaintained since the Holy Fire of 2018. The US Forest Service closed this area due to fire damage and it was reopened in May 2023. The Warriors have been out there eight times and have finally completed their portion of the project. The next step is for the Forest Service to obtain a contract for heavy equipment to clear the lower portion of the trail, that is currently covered by rocks and logs.

Volunteer comment from last week"The entire trail has been brushed and is passable on foot. From top to bottom the trail is 95pct there but a lot of hazards exist like slides and fallen trees. Trail from bottom creek crossing to the trail head is mostly gone as the creek and rock slides cross over it multiple times."

Thank you again to Keith Eckstein and the Warriors Society for completing this.


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