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What keeps your trails open?

We are often asked, why won’t the land manager open the park?  Good question, one we’re always trying to learn more about.

Here’s a few things we know:

First, if an emergency vehicle can’t get into the property, chances are it’s not going to be open…and that’s good stuff if you are the person needing assistance.

Second, trail repair is a complex process served with finite resources.  In the most extreme cases, heavy construction equipment is required and there just isn’t a lot of that to go around.  With rains like we have had recently, roads wash out and the bulldozers must make the rounds.  

And then there’s major trail repair, rock cladding, narrowing and environment recovery, reroutes etc. These require paid contractors, and these companies have schedules too.  

Finally, there’s the third level of work, where the prevailing conservation agencies are trying to keep the parks in their appropriate natural state…and where we can help as volunteers, brushing, clearing drains and the like. The more there are of us, the more that can get done.

We’ve had a wet winter, there’s going to be plenty of work.  Be understanding of the process and be ready to be part of the solution.  We all want to enjoy our outdoors, know that the land managers are doing everything they can to get us out there and be ready to help when they call on you! 


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