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Gypsum Canyon - Open Space Explore

Updated: May 2

Today was an awesome one for a pretty good sized group of our local MTB friends. OC Parks graciously granted a permit for us to enjoy a tour day in the newest wilderness park in the Irvine Open Space, Gypsum Canyon.

After a little caffeine and sugar, and a few words from OCMTBA and our friends at the OC Parks Foundation, it was time to hit the trails. We could not have asked for better weather to truly get back country.

This event is paramount to our mission, Gypsum Canyon represents the second of three openings to be made in 2023/24 (and the last is eminent!). Today our community was able to demonstrate our love of these lands (mountain bikers need mountains!), and our ability to deploy an exclusive volunteer force to expand the resources of the land manager and allow more access by "owning" all aspects of these type of activities.

With the help of our friends at Cassette & Co. we derived a logo series specific to the Open Space Explore. Riders today received their OSE decal and the first badge, for Gypsum Canyon. And the best part, we all have the opportunity to buy ourselves some SWAG while supporting our partners at OC Parks Foundation. We would be remiss were we not also to acknowledge the support of Rivian for our hydration and Laguna Bike Shed for on site emergency repairs.

Special thanks to OC Parks for facilitating this first of what we hope will be many Open Space Explores led by not only OCMTBA, but other responsible, conservation respecting recreation groups. We were honored to have the OC Parks leadership in attendance, and hope we showed them just how awesome our MTB community truly is.

We're blessed to have these preserves for our's and future generations to enjoy, we saw wildflowers in bloom, native species in their natural habitat and enjoyed the camaraderie of our community....that's what the Open Space Explorer is all about!

Check out the video:


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