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Watch this (open) space!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Three "projects" we're watching and supporting:

1) The San Clemente MTB Hub at Richard T. Steed Memorial - pump tracks at entry to San Clemente single tracks area

2) The Western White Waterworks at Irvine Great Park - outdoor recreation public/private project that includes potential for tracks and trails

3) Orange County Parks planned additional recreation access - North Gypsum (Mountain Park) Spring of 2023, soon after, Saddleback (East Orange I). Then Red Rocks (East Orange II) in early 2025

Write a courteous letter of appreciation for the efforts to make these projects a reality, these are all places where we have momentum to build on in support of our sport!

1 Comment

This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for the Gypsum area to open For years!

any info on Coyote Hills in Fullerton?

Stoked about the merge w SHARE too!

-Joel Maus

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