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Industry & Influencers

Our power is in our community - that means not just riders but the industry and influencers that support us. We were blessed to have a key set of these folks gathered last week to show support for us and our statewide counterpart CAMTB. Thank you to World Champion Leigh Donovan for organizing the group and, as always being the spirit leader in our crew! Much appreciation also to World Champion Brian Lopes, whom was our gracious host on the ride, sharing a well thought out route that included a bit of everything trail important in our open spaces. Gaspare from Crank Brothers was an awesome host for lunch where Troy Lee, folks from SRAM, Kuat and Specialized all gathered to network and focus on our shared goal of protecting and expanding trail access.

It takes a village, so take a moment to reflect on the blessing that we have in Orange County. Our "village" includes premier riders, world class athletes and influencers and some of the most recognizable names in the industry. Words alone cannot convey how much we appreciate their support as such an important part of our biggest strength - our community!


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