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Holy Jim Trail Happiness

We have spent several days with the US Forest Service on the Trabuco Canyon trails examining the damages wrought over the last several years and especially this winter. It only takes a few minutes of exploring to realize mother nature provided a big challenge for reparations of Holy Jim, Trabuco Creek and West Horsethief trails.

Despite that, our friends in the Forest Service have managed the miracle and we are beyond thrilled to share that the first of this set, the Holy Jim Trail, will be available for public use after this weekend. Walk the tree fall and boulder washes that cover so much of the Trabuco Creek, and you will gain a quick and solid appreciation of the herculean effort this has been.

We’re out there with the teams because we want to help….and we’re going to ask you to do so as well. Be prepared to apply your energies soon to bringing back the rest of these iconic backcountry ways. It’s beautiful and rugged country and we will all be a part of making accessible together, truly putting the mountain back in MTB!

We can’t say “thank you” enough to Jake, Darrell and the teams for making the Holy Jim Trail available again! Get out there and enjoy everything this pristine wild space has to offer... and if you see a USFS staffer make sure you give them the heartfelt thanks they truly deserve.

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