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Getting above the clouds

Just thought we’d give you a quick update on lots of great things happening with OCMTBA and the mountain bike community, with better communication and collaboration we are clearing the "fog" to make real progress in our goals!

Our community is connecting at an awesome level. With the clubs in the coalition and the adjunct connections we are nearing five thousand represented in our collective voice. With so many groups working toward the same goals, it’s academic we will make a difference.

We’re connecting with the land managers in our parks, and the dialogue is positive and constructive. We’re working on building larger trail worker rosters and collecting a better understanding regarding all the trails in our precious systems to better "master plan" the future.

Several written communications are in process to pursue the interests of our group. We’ll be asking for increased access in some of the contiguous spaces to our present parks. And we are endorsing the categorization of class1 eBike conditional they are used like other mountain bikes

Our rider etiquette survey is “live”, and many have participated to demonstrate their position as positive trail stewards. Our new rider onboarding is ready for deployment as soon as our retail partners are able to return to relatively normal business operations.

Mountain biking is significant to the economies of the communities alongside our trails, and we are looking at engaging resources to help quantify that value. These studies will help to further evidence, support and expand our sport and the impact on local business.

And tactically, we’re engaging (as best we can in these times) to look at immediate ways to improve our shared use experience, trail management solutions, signage and clearing of overgrowth to keep views clear and interactions positive in this time of high use.

Net/net, we’re working together to make it all better…thank you for your support!


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