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Can ya dig it?

We're back at it and we couldn't be more thrilled. After a bit of a dry spell (pun intended), we've been able to get back in the soil with our shovels and McLeods getting dirty and making big smiles for the next set of riders to roll down that hill. If you've seen crews in Aliso Woods, Santiago Oaks or O''ve seen your peeps doing what they love!

Thank you to Orange County Parks for supporting our access, and to Laguna Canyon Foundation & Irvine Ranch Conservancy for their parts in organizing and managing trail work days in each of the parks under their purvey. Most of all, THANKS to our own volunteers for showing community leadership and giving back with their backs!

If you have not done it yet, there will be more opportunities to join us in the coming watch the social media channels and get your name on a volunteer list. Conserving the trails we have is huge part of preserving our precious access to the outdoors, we hope you'll be a part!


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