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We're all in this together

We appreciate the Orange County Register bringing into focus a primary goal of OCMTBA, the harmonious coexistence of all user groups in our finite OC wilderness spaces

Thank you to all the members of the mountain biking community that continue to represent with professionalism, fact-based points and setting aside volatile emotions

For decades mountain bikers have been at the forefront of “giving back” in Orange County outdoors, performing trail work, providing docents, and issuing thousands of trail bells for safety via the leadership of member groups such as Share Mountain Club

Most importantly, all should be aware of our efforts under way since this past summer:

- Applied to allow hiker/biker cohosted trailhead welcome stations

- Vetted our complete trail etiquette programs with hiking groups

- Garnered industry sponsorship for hiker/biker meet & greet gathering

- Access additional data for trail management best practices from IMBA

- …and we continue to offer trail work volunteers and trail bell contributions

We are all blessed to reside in Orange County and to enjoy the fantastic wilderness spaces it includes, rest assured OCMTBA and our clubs will continue to make sure it’s a great experience for everyone out there!


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