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Connecting over our trails

Updated: Apr 9

This past weekend we did a dry-run (pun intended) of our planned Spring 2024 Dig.Ride.Connect event at the Crystal Cove State Park. Just like it sounds, this gathering is all about working the dirt, riding our amazing trails, and making connections that are the strength of our community.

We started out with a ride that included this iconic view at Missing Link/Fenceline. That's Michael, the Executive Director of supporting partner CAMTB making sure the sun stays up long enough for our run down Rattlesnake and back to camp!

We gathered around a campfire and enjoyed a meal and conversation about all things MTB that evening, tales of the trail, passions and priorities and, of course, plans for the future. And don't worry, running out of propane didn't slow down our momentum one bit!

The next meeting, our President emeritus Mr. Steve Larson organized a good sized group that included folks from Canyon and from Laguna Bike Shed and we followed CCSP staff into the park to get to work. Take a ride or hike out there and see if you can find the results!

And most importantly, we connected. After trail work (and before a second ride), we all had lunch together at a local brewhouse...this crew had earned their lunches!

When the weather cooperates and the ground is better, we'll be doing this formally with the help of CAMTB and the much appreciated support of e*thirteen. We'll be looking forward to serious trail love, awesome riding and, connecting on what matters most to all of us - protecting and expanding our trail access in Orange County.


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