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Next up, Gateway Preserve

Last week the City of Irvine hosted a planning session for the Gateway Preserve. This is exciting stuff - another 711 acres of open space with around 10 miles of multi user trails.

Oliver Chi, City Manager of Irvine started the discussion by sharing some of the history of this location. Through some very deft negotiation, and recognizing the needs of residents and outdoor recreationist, the City made an awesome new space for us to explore North of the 133 and West of the 241 right at the gates of Limestone.

Michael O'Connell, CEO of Irvine Ranch Conservancy then took the mic to talk about the steps to making the magic happen. We can tell you it's well thought out, you're going to like the layout, and the best part...the intent is full dawn to dusk access for everyone!

We've seen nearly 2300 acres of access added in the last 12 months, every space presenting new trails and every bit of access being more than we had before. Gateway is next up, and it's going to give us something to celebrate in 2025!


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