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Saddleback Wilderness Joy

Saddleback Wilderness joy

Last weekend I was able to visit a true Orange County gem. I went to the Let's Get Outside website and signed up for an afternoon session at our newest outdoor space, the Saddleback was pretty spectacular!

Exiting from Santiago Canyon Road I was greeted by a cheerful attendant that directed me to the new parking lot on the hill above the 241. I had the good fortune to be there when OC Parks staff John and Grey were riding so we connected and headed up the main access to the top of this nearly 400 acre property, where you are met with pristine nature, cool breezes and endless views. From there we headed into the single track system that has been thoughtfully constructed for multi-user recreation.

I was beyond thrilled to find a set of flowing single track trails, rides on the edges above the toll road, cap rock sections and even some fun features. And when you need a bit of a wind down, there's even a loop around the crest of the hill before you re-engage into the well thought out ladder system. We logged about 7.5miles and nearly 1k in elevation while also enjoying countless smiles, our own and those of the other people that had discovered this awesome location. If you take a few minutes to look around a bit, you'll even see the history for the last land use on this site now four decades ago!

We thank OC Parks for their efforts in opening this new park, you really owe it to yourself to sign up and take a spin - you're gonna love it!


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